How I got into gaming.

So how did I ended up playing video games and loving them? Well I’ll tell you the story, the first time I learned about video games was the time when my mom bought us a Chinese FamiCom (Family Computer) imitation which has a 100 in 1 games from the Divisoria it’s an odd looking console that was shaped as a keyboard which was kinda strange but nevertheless I tried to play it and when we tried running it on the TV i saw the whole screen of our TV with a full list of games and when my dad picked a game it was Super Mario and then I watched my dad play the game I was AMAZED because the soundtrack and the look of the game really left a mark on me just the first level of the game it’s so satisfying to play until this day and still remains one of my favorite games because its a classic and almost everybody knows the iconic soundtrack of world 1-1.

And then everyday after finishing my classes and doing my homework I would often play Super Mario and Track and Field on my spare time.

Eventually they bought a DVD player a year after they bought the FamiCom imitation and the DVD player had a game CD included and 2 controllers on the box which has 300 in 1 games (although it’s technically 100 in 1 games because the list repeats itself after 101) and there were new games on the disc so I was so excited when i first got to play it and we had 2 controllers now because the FamiCom imitation only has one and I got to play with my dad there was this game called Battle City which you play as a tank and defend the base and each time you rank up your tank gets stronger which was great and since we have to controllers we can use the 2 player function I can still remember getting carried by my dad most of the time we played because I suck at playing games back then but we beat the game it was an achievement for me because it’s the first time I finished a game. I did not only played games with my dad but also my grandma learned how to play games and that game was Bomber Man she was bored at one time then she told me if i can teach her how to play the game so I did I can still remember spending time in her room teaching her how to finish the level because on bomber man after you kill all the monsters in the level you must look the the exit to proceed on the next level.

And then when I got to Grade 1 I got a Nintendo DS which was a handheld console which means I can take it anywhere it’s where I learned about Pokemon which is a big influence on me and I had more playmates since I can take it anywhere and it was fun cause i got to talk about games with my friends and i got to bond with them.

Moving on gaming became a big influence in my life it’s where I spend my free time and I got to meet many friends and people because of it, and because of gaming I was influenced to take a career path that is related to computers or game development, Gaming really had a big impact on me not only because it’s a source of happiness and entertainment but also an escape to reality where I can be the character I play in the game.

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“One way to forget about pain is to do something you will be in, completely. So. computer games.”

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin

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